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Vladimír Bolek
Information Literacy Models in Managerial Education

Vydavatel: Wolters Kluwer
Počet stran: 104
Kategorie: Beletrie pro dospělé 
Podkategorie: Cizojazyčná 
ISBN: 978-80-7552-292-4 
EAN: 9788075522924
Int. číslo: 244459
ICT penetrates all levels of the economy together with social life and thus changes society into the information society. It is defined as the society where information and information technologies are predominant. The issue of managerial education in ICT is not sufficiently analysed in the Slovak Republic. This monograph also analyses and compares definitions, fundamentals and determinants of information literacy and eight selected information literacy models, where individual homogeneous and heterogeneous features are found. Digital literacy is understood as a part of information literacy. The content is the definition of benefits for the field of theory and practice resulting in designing the qualitative process model of information literacy for middle managers

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