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Bratislava City Guide

Počet stran: 112
Kategorie: Beletrie pro dospělé 
Podkategorie: Cizojazyčná 
ISBN: 978-80-971719-5-7 
EAN: 9788097171957
Int. číslo: 240762
Lost in Bratislava? With this City Guide it's impossible! No matter whether you are a Slovak or a foreigner, the first edition of our Bratislava City Guide introduces the beauties of the Slovak capital and its surroundings to everyone. The guide takes readers on a journey through 112 colourful pages, featuring fascinating stories and showing more then 300 images from Bratislava and its region.

Among other benefits, this publication brings you detailed information, opening hours and full contact details for important places in Bratislava. It also includes a pull-out map of the city centre and several maps to help travellers find everything more easily.

This modern guide is useful for tourists who come to the city for just a few days and want to see the sights, as well as for people who want to explore more deeply the cultural and historical background of the city. The publication was created by a team of 31 authors. Besides classical tourist information, readers will also find special sections about the best deals in the city, its night life, information on disabled access, ideas for family activities, the best cafés and restaurants, and more.

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